When is the best time to take my supplements - namely, fish oil, garlic, vitamin B12 and a multivitamin?

When is the best time of day to take my supplements? I take fish oil, garlic , vit b12 and a multi.


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Thanks for your question. Some supplements need food to absorb best into the body so your Fish Oil and Multivitamin fall into this category and can be taken with/before any meal in your day. Some may upset your stomach (like garlic for some people), so this should be taken with food anytime in the day. Finally, some supplements are water soluble and can be taken with just water (or without) anytime during the day, and this is where your Vitamin B12 would fall. Note: this vitamin can also boost energy in the body by helping the nervous system, so I often recommend that patients take it at the time of the day when their energy is at its lowest. Hope this helps you.
Response by Hanifa Menen BSc, ND


Before starting any new health program or before you begin taking any medication, natural medicine, or supplement, always check with your primary health care provider.

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