Can a neti pot aggravate sinuses?

When i use the neti pot it seems to make the sinus congestion worsen. Is it pushing further into my sinus cavities?


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Although the neti pot can help with relieving sinus congestion, it's easy for people to over use it. If it is used on a continual basis it can actually aggravate the mucous membranes of the sinus tissue leading to inflammation. One of the body's responses to inflammation in the sinuses is to release mucous as a protective barrier. So, rather than the neti pot 'pushing congestion further into the sinuses' you may be creating more congestion if you are over using the neti pot. Try to rest the sinuses for a couple of weeks and maybe work with some gentle steam inhalations in the mean time.

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Jeff Appelmann, BSc, ND
Menen Centre For Optimum Health/Canadian Integrative Cancer Centre
Oakville and Toronto, Ontario
Response by Jeff Appelmann BSc, ND


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