What do you recommend post surgery (for a broken clavicle) to help the healing process?

My son recently had surgery to repair a broken clavicle due to a hockey injury. I was wondering if you had any advice as to what supplements he could take to try and help the healing process. He has had to have the bone held together by a rod/pins. He is a healthy 20 year old, non smoker approx 175 lbs.


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I recommend taking 4-6 wobenzym pills on an empty stomach twice daily for approximately one month in order to reduce inflammation and speed up the healing process. If he isn’t already taking fish oil, he should definitely start. In this situation I recommend a fish oil with 6:1 ratio of EPA to DHA for its anti-inflammatory benefits. He can also alternate taking Arnica 30c with Sympytum 30c several times a day on an empty stomach. The former helps to reduce pain and ifnlmamation while the latter is well known for its healing affect on broken bones. Both these remedies can be reviewed in the HealthNotes section at

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