What is a natural way to get rid of H. Pylori and help with ulcers?

I was diagnosed with a duodenal stomach ulcer at 19 years old. I took required medicine and for some years was ulcer- free. Three weeks ago i was diagnosed with the H Pylori bacteria. Because I am allergic to penicillin I had to take three different pills. I ended up having a bad reaction to the last pill but because of my allergy to penicillin had to finish the dosage. I am now going on to two weeks after finishing the pills and i still don't feel back to normal. Is there a natural way to get rid of H Pylori bacteria or to prevent myself from having recurring ulcer flare-ups?


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H. Pylori can be a very stubborn microorganism but there are a few things you can try. First, you must be sure your immune system has been strengthened through things like essential fatty acids, vitamin c and zinc. In practice I've found a lot of benefit from using the herb licorice root and studies have shown it not only to support the mucous membranes and tissues of the digestive tract but also to be quite effective in preventing the adhesion of H. pylori to the mucosa of the stomach and thus improve ulcers. One study was published in 2009 and a summary can be found at . The DGL form of licorice is a very popular choice for stomach ulcers but a 2004 study in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy actually found that the component that is removed from licorice to create DGL was actually the strongest inhibitor of H. pylori adhesion. I also find that regular licorice root is the best choice in a case such as this, however it should be used with caution as it can elevate blood pressure in some individuals so I'd advise being assessed by a health care professional before starting it.

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Before starting any new health program or before you begin taking any medication, natural medicine, or supplement, always check with your primary health care provider.

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