Can I take Coq10 and PGX with Metformin, Lipitor and Avapro

I am a type 2 diabetic on metformin, lipitor and avapro for high blood pressure. I am trying to follow the diabetic diet and am wondering if I should take Coq10 supplements and if PGX would be okay to take? I am also taking baking soda pills for acidic urine.


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The PGX should be fine to take with your medications - it is water-soluble plant fibres. Coq10 would be helpful for people taking Lipitor since it lower can Coq10 levels in the body. There is some belief that since Lipitor lowers Coq10 in the body - this lowering is part of it's treating mechanism and therefore taking CoQ10 may interfere with the effectiveness of Lipitor but there is no conclusive evidence. - however check with your MD to make sure ti has no contraindications with Avapro or Metformin. Coq10 can help lower blood pressure so if on blood pressure medication - blood pressure may become too low. Again it is best to work your MD. There are many diet and liefsytle choices you can make to help with your Diabetes and other issues and these would not be contraindicated with your meds so maybe look at these options as well.
Response by Lorene Sauro B.A., R.H.N


Before starting any new health program or before you begin taking any medication, natural medicine, or supplement, always check with your primary health care provider.

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