What do you think of the supplements that are available for joint and arthritis pain?

Have you heard of Greens Genuine Health? .. just been introduced to it by a friend/co-worker, & wondered what's up with this? I have problems with my knees & they have a joint bill. my elderly mother has problems with her lower back & arthritis & they have both of these natural pills for her.

My question is: what do you think of these?

Please advise as we have been reading up on these but a little scared too try!



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The product you are referring to is a completely natural product made from eggshell membrane (the white film you see when you crack a boiled egg). The product is research proven to work in 7 days or less and is excellent for alleviating joint pain and for rebuilding the cartilage in the joint.
There is also a product for arthritis pain that contains the eggshell membrane as well as Avo Vida (to increase joint space) and Bromelain to help reduce inflammation.
Both products are safe and effective.
Response by Bruce Krahn


Before starting any new health program or before you begin taking any medication, natural medicine, or supplement, always check with your primary health care provider.

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