If I start taking fish oil, is it beneficial to continue taking ground flax seed?

If I start taking fish oil is it necessary or is there any benefit to still take flax (I grind it up and put 1 tbsp in my breakfast smoothie or cereal each morning)?


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Both flax seed and fish oil will provide your body with a source of epa and dha (omega 3 fatty acids) however, there are some cases where one may be better than the other. For intestinal health and bowel function ground flax seed is a superior choice due to its high lignan content. Lignans can also help control blood sugar and for that reason ground flax seed can even be beneficial for losing fat from your love handle region. The downside to flax is that it must be converted by your liver to epa and dha. Fish oil on the other hand does not require this conversion and is a more eloquent way to get your epa and dha. Fish oil is also good for controlling the hormone cortisol and that can help reduce fat from around your umbilical region (belly button). Fish oil is also an excellent anti-inflammatory and has been shown to even increase lean body mass. I like to prescribe both however not in the same meal. I like to use flax in the a.m and fish oil in the p.m (as cortisol increases). Just be sure to look for fish oils that are pharmaceutical grade, molecular distilled and that they are from small fish (sardines or anchovies) and not farmed salmon (polluted) or Krill (endangered).
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