What form does pumkin seed powder take?

You've spoken on TV about pumpkin seed powder as a sleep aid. My health food store sells pumpkin seed *protein* powder and I've seen a lot of it on the Internet. Is it the same thing? The protein powder has quite a lot of calories, especially considering it needs to be mixed into other food. If it's not the same thing, the what form does the pumpkin seed powder take? Is it a pill?

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Pumpkin seed protein powder is the most coomon form to be found. As far as sleep is concerned, the trytophan and zinc found in pumpkin seeds are the key factors that help. Tryptophan converts to serotonin, which helps you relax, and zinc aids the conversion. The protein powder has a higher protein percentage per gram than the whole seeds and therefore a higher tryotophan content as the fat and carbohydrate content has been greatly reduced in the powder in comparison to the seeds. However, carbohydrates are also helpful for serotonin production so mixing the protein powder with a carbhydrate source like milk or juice might be helpful. Eating the pumpkin seeds whole is the original remedy for sleep so if that is easier, then give it a try. There are pumpkin seed oil capsules but they are just the fat and not as helpfu,l as the trytophan is missing. 5HTP is a supplemnt you can try as trytophan converts to 5HTP which then converts to serotonin. Good luck.
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